Head's Welcome


Our school was founded on the belief that education must nurture, encourage and celebrate children as individuals.  At Radnor House today you will find a dynamic mix of high academic standards, exceptional pastoral care and expansive opportunities for pupils, all housed within an innovative and hugely successful environment. Our boys and girls are happy, accomplished and driven and Radnor House is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting schools in the country.

At each step of the way we stretch, challenge and engage our pupils through an outstanding curriculum, encouraging them to consider and respond to all of their learning and reflect upon their experiences. Young people need knowledge but they also need more - they need to develop the habits of mind which will enable them to become adaptive, responsive and caring adults, ready and confident to take their place in society. 

Our pupils are empowered to look after themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Exceptional pastoral care systems build resilience and adaptability, supporting and working alongside our young people as they navigate their formative years. The school's core values of excellence, courage, respect and perseverance provide a guiding light and moral compass, helping to shape their decision making and preparing them for some of the very real challenges they will face beyond their school years. 

Beyond excellent learning and dedicated pastoral care, pupils benefit from expansive co-curricular opportunities, becoming genuinely immersed in all aspects of their broader learning. Through meaningful community involvement, an extensive and rich activities programme and a strong charitable focus, a deep sense of community and engagement is fostered. Pupils leave us knowing the importance and value of 'getting stuck in'. 

We have achieved so much as a school thanks to our exceptional and dedicated staff. These inspirational men and women are the role models for our pupils, immersing themselves in the school's vision to create an active learning environment for limitless minds. I am proud to work with each and every one of them and I know that if you choose to educate your son or daughter at Radnor House you will see the difference that an outstanding teacher can make.  The result is a vibrant, family community where pupils really do feel they can achieve anything they set their minds and hearts to. 

Radnor House really is quite a special place and I look forward to being able to share more of our ethos with you when you come to visit. 

Rosie Gill