New Academic Enrichment Programme is Launched!

14th Sep 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Academic Enrichment Programme. This programme is open to all our pupils and provides a rich and diverse mix of exciting opportunities to broaden and enrich our pupils' education.

The new Academic Enrichment Programme, replaces the Excellent Pupil Programme and has been designed to offer something for all of our pupils. Any pupil in the relevant year group is welcome to attend any of the events scheduled and are actively encouraged to make the most of these opportunities.

Each section of the school has its own bespoke programme:

The Junior School (Years 5 and 6), have a six-part programme on all things Harry Potter run by our very own Mr Meller. All the Junior School pupils are invited to join him on this magical adventure, they will cover topics as varied as set design to fantastic beasts and where to find them, including a trip to Harry Potter World in the Spring Term.

The Lower School (Years 7 and 8), will enjoy a series of one-off lunchtime lectures delivered by staff on areas of personal interest and will offer wonderful opportunities for pupils to tackle content that goes well beyond the normal curriculum

The Senior School (years 9 to Upper Sixth), are offered a range of different events involving external speakers. Pupils are encouraged to make the most of these fantastic opportunities to gain an insight into the wider world. 

Events kick off next week with the Launch of the 'Harry Potter Series' for the Junior School, a lecture on 'How to win Friends and Influence People: An Introduction to Politics' for the Lower School and on Tuesday the Senior School will be participating in our first Radnor House Question Time.

Full details of the programme can be viewed via this brochure: