Art and Design at Radnor House provides pupils access to a creative and limitless world of Art. All pupils will develop their technical art making skills whist reflecting and analysing artworks and art styles. Pupils will develop as young artists and develop their understanding of the world through visual research and discovery.

Studying Art and Design prepares your child to think independently and creatively. All pupils will have access to specialised Art teachers and will develop their art making skills with a focus on traditional and digital art. Pupils are exposed to a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics. Pupils will also develop their digital art making skills digitally manipulating images on Photoshop and using digital drawing tablets to create drawings and other exciting images. Pupils develop sketchbooks and analyse artists and artworks and a variety of genres from Art History. Pupils develop into independent young artists who respond to their own world and reflect on their thoughts and feelings.