Physical Education is taught to pupils from Year 5 to Year 9 following a diverse curriculum to offer pupils the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills.

Physical Education plays an important part of a pupil’s development from child to adult. Curriculum Physical Education promotes the learning of both gross and fine motor skills through an extensive range of activities. Confidence through achievement, both practical and theoretical, is essential as the pupils progress throughout the school. Pupils will have the ability to acutely analyse a peer’s techniques as well as being able to reproduce them. Pupils have a vast number of opportunities to lead as a coach and an official, developing their all-round sporting knowledge as well as delivering a personalised coaching session.

PE is also offered at GCSE for pupils who are interested in furthering their knowledge.

The PE staff at Radnor House offer a wealth of experience across a huge range of sporting activities. Every staff member has performed sport at a high level and has a specialist field, whilst also having extensive knowledge of the sports they teach. The department work collaboratively to ensure all lessons are of the highest possible standard.