Join our Junior School in Year 5, we have 20 places available for girls and boys with a secure place through to senior school and the sixth form with no further assessment required.

Entry into the Junior School is at Year 5

Applications for September 2019 are being accepted for assessment on Tuesday 30th April 2019 

We would advise parents to apply at least one year prior to entry. The entry procedure for Year 5 is via a classroom-based assessment morning. One class with approximately 20 places is available to girls and boys following a successful performance in the assessment. Further details about the assessment criteria can be found in the Application section.

Radnor House assure a place from Year 5 through to Sixth Form

Pupils who join us in Year 5 will not require further assessment to join the Senior School in Year 7 as they have already passed the entrance criteria at 9+.