Radnor House offers a range of Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sport and All-Rounder scholarships for entry into Year 7 and Sixth Form from September 2020.


Radnor House offers a range of Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sports and All-Rounder Scholarships for entry into Year 7 and the Sixth Form. Scholarships are awarded to exceptional candidates based on their proven ability, they may carry a financial award and are not means-tested

Scholarships are typically worth 10% of the annual tuition fee but may, in exceptional circumstances, be increased through the award of an Outstanding Scholarship which is entirely at the Head’s discretion.  In addition, means-tested bursaries worth up to 50% of the tuition fee, are also available but only after a scholarship has been awarded. 

Scholarships are available at Year 7 entry into the Senior School or at the Sixth Form transition point.  Scholarships will not be awarded at any other point in a child’s educational journey through Radnor House.

All internal Year 6 pupils progressing from the Radnor House Junior School will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, to do so, they will sit the normal Year 7 entrance examination and interview.  Scholarship applications for internal Year 6 pupils, currently attending the Radnor House Junior School, should be submitted in the same way as external applicants, as outlined below.  

Academic Scholarships

All pupils applying for entry at Year 7 (including internal pupils) or Sixth Form are automatically considered for an academic scholarship.   Please note that academic scholarships are only available upon entry to Radnor House Senior School and pupils will not be reassessed after entry.

All Rounder Scholarships

All-Rounder Scholarships are designed to recognise those pupils who meet the normal entrance criteria of the school and show considerable commitment to the school’s values in a range of areas. 

Pupils currently attending the Radnor House Twickenham Junior School will be considered for an All-Rounder Scholarship in Year 6 before they enter Year 7.  In Sixth Form, All-Rounder Scholarships will only be awarded to external candidates joining Radnor House School. 

Art, Drama, Music and Sport Scholarships

The school offers a range of additional scholarships in Art, Drama, Music and Sport.  Candidates may hold a maximum of one scholarship. Candidates must achieve a high standard in the entrance assessments to be considered for a Scholarship.

We know that pupils continue to develop as they move through Senior School and so these scholarships are also available for internal candidates at Year 9 and Sixth Form. 

For those pupils who are already in possession of a scholarship and continue to make significant and rapid development in their particular area of interest, there is also the opportunity to apply for an enhanced Outstanding Scholarship at Year 9 and Sixth Form.  Internal candidates should apply in the same way, as outlined in the following pages.

Applications submitted without supporting evidence received by the deadline stated will not be processed.