Art Scholarships will be awarded at Year 7 and Sixth Form to those pupils who meet the normal entrance criteria of the school and also show an outstanding ability in Art & Design.

Holders of an Art Scholarship will make a considerable commitment to the Faculty and show additional dedication to Art through their co-curricular interests.   It is expected that successful Art Scholars will take Art at GCSE.

The school is particularly interested in a candidate’s creativity and confidence with a range of Art medium including photography, film, sketching for different purposes, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, graphics and architectural design.

Scholarships will be reassessed annually, and their continuance is subject to the successful candidate exhibiting satisfactory commitment and attitude towards their own progress. 

The application process is as follows:

Art Scholarships

Following the submission of the registration form for entry, candidates wishing to apply for an Art Scholarship should complete an Art Scholarship Application Form (available on request from September 2019 by emailing 

If approved for consideration, prospective scholars will then be asked to submit a portfolio of their work to the Head of Art.  There are no pre-conceptions about what makes high quality and creative Artwork and candidates are expected to have a range of art-making techniques on display in their portfolio.

Only candidates who achieve the required standards in the entrance examination will be invited to take part in the scholarship practical assessment. (Date to be advised)

Potential Art scholars who have been offered a place to join us in will be invited to an assessment day which will also involve an informal interview with the Head of Art to talk through their portfolio and particular motivations for their work.

Applications submitted without supporting evidence received by the deadline stated will not be processed.