The co-curricular timetable is an integral part of the Radnor House day. For Junior and Lower School pupils, activities are built into the daily timetable; Middle School pupils attend after the normal school day and it is expected that they attend at least one activity per week. Co-curricular activities are at the very heart of the Radnor House ethos, and many families have selected Radnor House as the school for their children because of this ethos.

Pupils in the Junior and Lower Schools sign up for their activities online via a questionnaire. They will take a tick sheet home with them to show their preferences to their parents.

Pupils in the Middle School will sign up for their activities at school with their form teachers. It is the responsibility of the form teacher to ensure that each pupil has signed up for at least one activity per week.

Lists for all clubs will be prepared by the Activities Co-ordinator and displayed on the Activities Board opposite the ICT Room.

The 2015 Co-Curricular Booklet is published in the download box. For an updated timetable of Clubs for the Summer Term 2016, please download the pdf in the box opposite