Engineering Club is dedicated to educating and presenting new research and developments throughout the Engineering and Scientific community. Chaired by Daniel Chipping (U6) and fellow presenters Oscar Chaudoir (L6), Yan Pfister (L6), Alec Denny Craine (U6) and Sebastian Deykin (U6).

Title: Episode 2 - Building Rockets and Growing UAVs feat. Professor Nick Colosimo

Episode Description: We talk to Professor Nick Colosimo, a strategy and planning manger for future capabilities at BAE Systems, about the possibilities of growing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). For the remainder of the episode we talk about current and future rocket technologies.





Title: Episode 1 - An Era of Automation

Episode Description: The future is coming... coming to take our jobs. In our first episode we delve into the world of driverless cars, automated shipping vessels, delivery drones and even a tooth making robot.