Year 8 Enjoy Judo Demonstration from Olympic Silver Medallist Ray Stevens

07th Dec 2018

On Friday our Year 8 pupils were extremely fortunate to enjoy a visit by Ray Stevens – he is a 7th dan Jūdōka Olympic Silver Medallist and a Roger Gracie 2nd degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

Ray explained some of the principles of Judo, the significance of his red and white belt - (only worn by grade 6 dan and above), he practised on Head of Boys' Games and Head of Year 11 – Mr Ellard; then it was the turn of some of our pupils to attempt some Judo moves!

The session finished with Ray showing the pupils his Olympic Silver medal, gained at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and chatting to them about the many benefits of learning Judo.

A very enjoyable hour and a great opportunity to sample Judo before signing up to the Judo co-curricular club that Ray Stevens will be running at Radnor House next term.