Getting Comfortable Being Wrong - Dr Josh Wolrich Image

Getting Comfortable Being Wrong - Dr Josh Wolrich

As part of our Academic Enrichment Programme, we welcomed Dr Josh Wolrich to talk to our senior pupils about 'Getting Comfortable Being Wrong', which focused on the efforts he has made on social media to challenge nutrition fads and unhealthy diets

16th May 2019

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Romano is selected to join the British Diving Team! Image

Romano is selected to join the British Diving Team!

Romano in Year 7 has been talent-spotted by British Diving and who is making exceptional progress in the sport. Last year, he won the National Skills competition with a record score and he has continued to progress at an unusually fast rate under the eye of Lin Chen, an Olympic Gold Medal coach from China.

19th Apr 2019

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Junior School Poetry Recital Image

Junior School Poetry Recital

We held our first Junior School Poetry Recital on Thursday, to coincide with World Poetry Day. We are very proud of all of our Junior School Children who took part in this competition.

21st Mar 2019

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Hogwarts at Radnor House Image

Hogwarts at Radnor House

Last night, we joined hundreds of schools, libraries and bookshops around the country in celebrating national Harry Potter Book Night.

08th Feb 2019

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Author Jess Butterworth visits Radnor House Image

Author Jess Butterworth visits Radnor House

We were delighted to welcome children’s author Jess Butterworth to Radnor House school to work with Yr 7 and Yr 8 pupils when they were transported to Tibet and across the Himalayas into India to see the Dali Lama (in their imagination)!

14th Nov 2018

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We Will Remember Them Image

We Will Remember Them

Today we held assemblies to reflect and give thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, to remember and be respectful, and to make sure that we do everything we can to make the world a more peaceful place, and a better place for current and future generations.

09th Nov 2018

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Celebrating our 2018 GCSE Awards Image

Celebrating our 2018 GCSE Awards

Last night, we enjoyed a first-class evening when we awarded GCSE certificates to the class of 2018. It was good to be able to welcome pupils past and present, along with their parents to receive the GCSE certificates, celebrating their considerable GCSE success this year.

08th Nov 2018

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GCSE Drama Pupils Learn How To Fly! Image

GCSE Drama Pupils Learn How To Fly!

Richard Neale, a professional actor with Frantic Assembly, the physical theatre company responsible for the movement in 'Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' spent six hours training our GCSE and A Level students how to create amazing physical theatre sequences.

08th Oct 2018

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Revolting Children in Year 8!

30 pupils in Year 8 went on an exciting trip to Matilda the Musical on Wednesday this week, participating in a workshop and watching the matinée. They loved learning about the language of the show, particularly the way in which Matilda and her classmates turn the insult of 'revolting children' into a battle cry of revolution.

04th Oct 2018

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Celebrating our Sporting Achievements! Image

Celebrating our Sporting Achievements!

We had so many sporting highlights from our fixtures and competitions last week, we like to celebrate the achievements of our Radnorians who display our core values so valiantly. Here are just a few of them.

23rd Sep 2018

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Romano Wang becomes a National Diving Champion Image

Romano Wang becomes a National Diving Champion

We are so proud of Romano Wang in Year 7 for his incredible achievement at the Swim England National Skills Finals. His fantastic diving skills won first place by a substantial 30 points with a stunning performance, scoring 5 perfect 10's which has never happened before!

22nd Sep 2018

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Radnor House Question Time Image

Radnor House Question Time

In September we launched our new Academic Enrichment Programme with our first ever Radnor House Question Time. We welcomed a distinguished panel comprising Matt Kilcoyne from the Adam Smith Institute, Maddy Grant from the Institute of Economics Affairs, journalist Hussein Kesvani, and barrister Conor Kennedy.

21st Sep 2018

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New Academic Enrichment Programme is Launched! Image

New Academic Enrichment Programme is Launched!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Academic Enrichment Programme. This programme is open to all our pupils and provides a rich and diverse mix of exciting opportunities to broaden and enrich our pupils' education.

14th Sep 2018

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