Excellent pastoral care to all pupils underpins the ethos at Radnor House. We recognise that every pupil has the right to feel safe, to learn and to be treated with respect.

The pastoral system operates on a number of different levels, with support provided first and foremost by the form teacher who represents the ‘parent at school’. The form teacher provides the link between home and school and is the main point of contact for any problems or queries that might arise.

Beyond the form teacher, further pastoral support is provided by Heads of Year and Heads of School.

Radnor House is divided into Junior, Lower and Middle School plus the Sixth Form. Each school is represented by a Head of School. The Junior School Head is Ms Philippa Studd, the Lower School Head is Ms Eliza King and the Head of Middle School is Mr Stephen Carrington.

In the Middle School, there are also Heads of Year who are available to deal with issues and concerns of both pupils and parents. Head of Year 9 is Ms Clare Marshall, Head of Year 10 is Mr Lawrence Ellard and Head of Year 11 is Ms Laura O'Brien. 

The Director of Sixth Form is Mr John MacLean and he is supported by a group of Sixth Form tutors who are on hand to help and guide Sixth Formers through their final passage of the school.

Radnor House also operates a vertical House system, with all pupils allocated a House when they arrive at the school. Each House is named after a famous literary figure associated with Alexander Pope and the Renaissance poets. The Houses are Pope, Swift, Voltaire and Parnell.