Radnor House Learning Resource Centre provides educational resources and support for all pupils at Radnor House. The LRC is part of the Library and has 21 computers and a number of iPads for the pupils to access for study and homework tasks. It is open from 8:00am until 5:00pm.

Pupils are encouraged to adhere to a digital citizen code of conduct. Library lessons are delivered to support the learning of research skills, copyright, citation and plagiarism, key skills which are essential for our pupils in their educational journey at Radnor House and beyond in further education.

Print Resources

The Library provides a wealth of Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, non-fiction texts and a wide range of subject specific literature for further subject reading and to support pupils in their research and homework tasks., these include a full set of Philip Allan Magazines covering all the’ A ‘Level Subjects.

On-Line Resources

All Students now have access to a fantastic selection of On-Line Resources which can be accessed at school and from home via Schoology. 

Here are just some of the resources available:

• Encyclopaedia Britannica
• ImageQuest
• History Reference Centre:
• JSTOR Secondary School Collection:
• Gales News-Vault:
• Guardian and Observer Digital Archive
• Literary Reference Center:
• Philip Allan Magazines