The Radnor House Operational Plan documents the process by which we are improving the school for our pupils and moving towards continuous achievement of our ambitious aims. It lays out the aims of the school, the three strategic objectives associated with each one, and the more detailed termly action points for achieving these. With regular review of all of these we are ensuring that our aims, vision and values become the daily marching orders for the school.

The Operational Plan will be reviewed each term by the SLT, along with other key members of teaching and support staff.  All staff will be given annual targets which reflect the contents of the Operational Plan, ensuring that their own professional and personal development is inextricably linked with school improvement.  Finally, as we move towards a fully collaborative approach to school improvement, there will be opportunities for pupils and parents to join the regular review cycle.

A message from our Executive Principal, David Paton:

Radnor House aims to produce children that can take advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow. 

In an ever-changing world, children need more than simply an outstanding academic CV to thrive, they need teamwork and leadership skills delivered through an expansive co-curricular programme and above all they need a values-based curriculum which emphasises character education at all levels of school life.

Our eight aims have been specially designed to ensure children leave Radnor House fully equipped to take advantage of their significant potential and well placed to thrive in an increasingly dynamic global landscape.