The World Challenge is a month-long expedition that students undertake either in the summer following Year 11 or Year 12 at Radnor House. There are over 40 destinations worldwide including countries such as Botswana, Columbia and Laos. The aim of the programme is to develop students’ independence, leadership skills as well as their appreciation for the cultural diversity that exists in our world.

World Challenge expeditions are designed to develop important life skills, helping students to:

•Hone teamwork and leadership skills

•Gain confidence and self-esteem

•Become more globally aware

•Enhance employment prospects

A World Challenge expedition starts long before the date of departure, with planning, team building, fitness training and fundraising being important aspects of the preparations. The build-up to the trip begins around 18 months with the selection of the destination. From this time onwards, the students work together to raise funds for their trip, develop their leadership and expedition skills through training events, and work on their fitness for the expedition.

The students work with their School Leader and World Challenge Leader to design an itinerary that they will follow over 28 days in their chosen country.

The actual expedition is made up of four further phases;


• A 2-3 day trek which helps the students get used to their new surroundings.


• A 5 day trek during which the students will camp and prepare all of their own food.


• A local community project helping with education or building facilities in a deprived area.

Rest & Relaxation

• Where students have the opportunity to see the local sites of interest.


The 2017 expedition took place in Nicaragua. The students had the opportunity to trek through the remote mountains of Central America, before undertaking a community project.

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