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Where are they now?

On leaving Radnor House School, Alumni are automatically invited to annual dinners, fundraising events and may be asked to speak at school events and mentor younger pupils. We would like to keep in touch with our alumni and invite you to events, please contact for further information.

Please read about our students' successes and their progression after Radnor House. 

Edmund -  A Level student:

"Radnor House has helped me in so many ways, giving me guidance and belief in myself every step of the way. As a result, I write this a few days before heading up to Aberystwyth University where I have won both an unconditional offer and a scholarship to read History. What makes Radnor unique however is how much everyone cares. 

The Sixth Form is smaller than many others and this has the advantage that everyone supports one another, teacher and student alike. Within a few weeks everyone knows one another's names, their unique quirks and personalities. Radnor helps develop your confidence as it really throws students into things, challenging them to push their boundaries. 

When I joined Radnor I did not realise my true academic potential, but now I leave with a whole world of possibility in front of me. Whatever happens from this point onwards, I know that thanks to Radnor I have accomplished my very best."

Oliver -  A Level student:

"Radnor House is an extraordinary school. This school has truly helped me to reach my full potential and beyond. This summer I received a wonderful set of A level results including 100% (and an A*) in Psychology. I also gained an A in History and will be heading to Sheffield University to read Sociology following a gap year. I would not have been able to do this without the unwavering support of the teachers and staff whose dedication is second to none. Their support outside the classroom is just as important as it was in, especially during the A level and GCSE years which are undoubtedly stressful for any student. 

The school's guidance has also made my transition into life beyond school as smooth and easy as possible. Radnor's core values of Respect, Courage, Perseverance and Excellence have helped me considerably in developing as an individual, especially in regards to my confidence in areas such as public speaking, and other parts of my everyday life. I make sure that I carry these with me in whatever task I am doing whether it be at work, home or socially.

Radnor House is like a big family and I always feel very lucky and honoured to have been a part of it, it feels very much like a second home which I miss very much. There are not enough thanks I can give to such a wonderful school who made my education so special and such an important part of my life."


Emily -  A Level student: 

Emily joined Oxford Brookes University and has been awarded a Bronze Sports Performance package for hockey. This will provide her with sports performance clothing, performance physiotherapy, access to the health suite and weights gym, lifestyle support, an individual strength and conditioning programme designed performance fitness advisors for sport specific work with regular performance check ups and a sports subscription waiver. We are thrilled for her and hope it encourages her to continue to progress with her hockey at University!

James - Upper Sixth student: 

"I am now in the Upper Sixth and study Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I was very pleased with my AS results. The exams were harder this year, but Radnor House prepared us really well, with small, specialised classes and lots of preparation materials. The Science exams were very difficult, so I was over the moon when I got four As at the end of it.

The teachers at Radnor House are helping me to prepare my application to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge.

Radnor House has helped me a lot over my five years here. All of my teachers have been very supportive, making sure I keep on top of all of my work. Over the past three years in particular when I've been studying for GCSEs and A levels, my teachers have been very happy to assist me with anything I didn't understand, and have tailored my learning in a way that works for me. I would certainly not be where I am now without Radnor House." 


Olivia  - Lower Sixth student:

"After a fully relaxed summer, jumping into Lower Sixth was quite a shock, however I have quickly got used to the workload and expectations. I am currently studying Maths, Biology, History and Art and enjoying myself a lot! They are all subjects I love and want to pursue in the future, and it's especially great as the teachers have such a clear interest in them as well. I was ecstatic when I received my GCSE results and I think the teachers were pleased to see me grow throughout the school years from when I joined in Year 7 all the way through to the day when I received my GCSE results. 

I am currently still thinking about what I would like to do after I leave Radnor House, however at the moment I have a particular interest in joining the Royal Air Force, which is why I have taken up Maths. 

I have dyslexia so it is particularly hard for me to stay concentrated on a piece of work as it takes me quite a lot longer to process the information, however everyone at Radnor has helped me throughout my five years here, to persevere through all of the difficult times. Lower Sixth is definitely a huge jump form GCSEs but I'm enjoying the freedom and love the subjects I'm doing as I have a personal interest in them all."



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