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Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation is a multi-disciplinary subject introduced to Radnor House at A Level.

Classical Civilisation appeals to pupils who have studied Latin at GCSE, but there is no assumption nor expectation of any prior knowledge of the period. The subject has wide appeal across both arts and science pupils, as a complement or contrast to their other subjects.

The study of the Ancient World has many direct links with the modern world. Modern political systems can trace their origins to either Greece or Rome; drama was invented by the Athenians; philosophies of the period include Stoicism and Epicureanism; some of our best-loved public buildings (e.g. the British Museum) are modelled on ancient ideas of architecture; geometry and trigonometry were Greek inventions. It should not be forgotten that Britain was part of the Roman Empire for 400 years, so the study of Classical Civilisation is also the study of these shores.

Difficult topics like slavery and class structure are studied in-depth, as well as more pleasurable ones - arguably some of the greatest poems ever written date from the ancient world.

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