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“Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change… For me, geography is a great adventure with a purpose”. Michael Palin, 2010.

The curriculum at Radnor House balances a wide range of both human and physical aspects of Geography. The department aims to give students a greater knowledge of the natural environment and pressures it faces.

This provides students with an understanding of how our actions change the environment around us and helps them develop a respect for different cultures in our modern world. Geography plays a major role in understanding many of the key geographical issues and concerns in the 21st Century.

Topics such as sustainability, climate change, poverty and resource conflict are embedded throughout the curriculum. Case studies play a major role in the Geography taught at Radnor House, with geographical concepts centered on a particular country, region or continent.

Fieldwork is also an integral part of our work as it enhances students’ understanding by bringing topics to life. We offer a bi-annual trip to Iceland, as well as annual data collection trips to the Ashdown Forest and the Isle of Wight. Pupils follow the Edexcel Specification B at GCSE and the AQA specification for A-Level. 

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