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Personal, Social, Health and Economic education concerns the emotional and physical well being of pupils at Radnor House and is delivered through stand-alone lessons, PSHEE days, tutor group sessions and weekly assemblies.

This is a subject with a strong emphasis on cross-curricular links in order to ensure that pupils are exposed to core values and concepts consistently throughout the school.

Our objectives are to:

• Teach pupils the facts concerning their growth and development as individuals;
• Help pupils to understand concepts such as tolerance, respect and liberty and equality;
• Enable pupils to acquire skills relating to personal safety, discussion and decision making, which are vital to their well-being and their interaction with others;
• Encourage pupils to develop informed opinions and attitudes for themselves about a range of personal, social and moral issues;
• Nurture in pupils a particular set of values; and
• Give pupils the courage to challenge stereotypes based on race, sex, disability and faith and to judge all people fairly and equally.

PSHE education is structured around the four core values of Radnor House; Courage, Excellence, Perseverance and Respect. All staff embody these values and contribute to the delivery of PSHE education through their own lessons.


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