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The Biology Department at Radnor House aims to impart our passion, enthusiasm and curiosity upon our students. It is our strong belief there is no better field in which to develop a strong understanding and appreciation of life itself.

On any particular day, we could be examining the role DNA plays in protein synthesis, arguing the ethical and moral dilemmas surrounding cloning or analysing the courtship between elephant seals; pupils can expect to study a vastly diverse array of biological issues in a manner that highlights the subject’s relevance to our everyday life. Furthermore, we look to develop an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of science, a field in which a pupil will have to call upon all of their skills and know-how.

We teach in a specialist, well-equipped Biology laboratory, ideal for such a practical subject where large proportions of the courses we offer are taught through experimental work. Throughout a student’s biological ‘Career’ they can expect to work through a vast array of investigations, in the lab, the ICT suite and within the natural environment surrounding Radnor House.

In concluding their studies within Biology at Radnor House, pupils can be confident that they will have experienced an engaging and stimulating course which will give them the knowledge, skill and understanding required to follow the subject to university level and beyond.

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