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Admission in Year 7 - Senior School

Year 7 or 11+ is a key admission point. 


Registration Form

Application and Assessment Details for September 2022

In recognition of the potential impact of Covid-19, we have recently adjusted our approach to the 11+ this year. We have streamlined the process which we hope will support the children by reducing the stress and time required to sit the assessments. 

For 2022 entry, all children will be invited to an informal small group interview with the Head or Deputy Head during the Autumn term, and will take one-hour written assessments in Mathematics and English in January. The academic assessments will take place in school on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th January 2022, with social distancing measures in place if necessary.

The assessment format may be subject to change in response to Government guidance. We will ensure that all registered applicants are informed of any changes at the earliest opportunity.

Whilst we are an academically selective school, we don't believe excessive tutoring is necessary. The Mathematics and English assessments are based on the Year 6 National Curriculum, which your child will have studied at school. We are considerate of the disruption that may have been caused by months of remote learning and will take this on board when assessing results. 

All children will be invited to an informal small group interview with the Head or Deputy Head during the Autumn term, and will take one-hour written assessments in Mathematics and English in January.

An offer of a place will be based on successful performance in our entrance exams, at interview and a satisfactory reference and end of Year 5 full written report from their current school. If your child has not received a comprehensive Year 5 report we are happy to receive a full Year 4 report in addition, to supplement the application.

In order to understand if your child will thrive and flourish within our Radnor House community, we place great emphasis on the school report and reference which provides us with knowledge of a child's attitude to learning and attainment in a classroom environment. Considering current circumstances, we are placing greater emphasis on this than ever before, as we realise that exam results may not be fully representative of your child’s academic potential.

Children who pass all our entrance criteria may be offered a place without the need for an individual interview. Some children may be invited back to the school for a short interview to further assess their suitability for Radnor House; an invitation to an interview is not indicative that a place will be offered. These interviews, if required, will take place in late January following the assessment results.

Applicants who do well in our academic assessments and are deemed eligible for an Academic Scholarship with no further assessment required.

On the assessment weekend, your child will be assigned a time and date to ensure social distancing can be followed in school. The dates are subject to change due to Covid-19; any revision will be published on this website and all registered applicants notified.

Registration Forms should be received by the deadline of Friday 19th November 2021, along with a copy of the child's end of Year 5 or Year 4 full written school report and supplementary information.

Admissions Enquiry

Scholarships for Academic Excellence are available for entry into Year 7 in September 2022, these are awarded based on performance in the entrance examinations. 

Examination Access Arrangements 

We are able to grant access arrangements such as extra time or use of a computer for the examinations to support those applicants with a diagnosed learning difficulty or disability. The request should be supported by a written report from a recognised expert, dated within two years of the January assessment date. A written request for special access arrangements must be submitted along with the written report, by the published registration deadline. Evidence of history for the need of this provision will be sought from the applicant's current school. When considering access arrangements and reasonable adjustments, we will comply with the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) Regulations (2021-2022).

Please send copies of any relevant reports confirming the details of the specific arrangements along with the registration form. The specific arrangements for the examinations will only be confirmed once the relevant reports have been received and reviewed.

The deadline to apply for access arrangements for 2021 entry is Friday 19th November 2021. 


Radnor House, as a co-educational school with a family centred ethos, prioritises the admission of siblings who wish to be educated at the same school. To facilitate this, preference will be given to applications from girls and boys who have a sibling currently being educated at the school who fully meet the entrance requirements.

Admission of a sibling to Radnor House is dependent on the availability of places and on the sibling successfully completing the published assessment criteria for admission to Radnor House.


Limited bursary assistance may be available in exceptional circumstances, usually to provide short-term help when parental circumstances change.  Resources are not available to fund long-term or substantial levels of financial support. All enquiries about bursaries should be made to the Mrs C Wood - Bursary Administrator, in the first instance. Email: Bursary Secretary - Mrs C Wood

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