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All-Rounder Scholarship at Radnor House

All-Rounder Scholarships are designed to recognise those pupils who meet the normal entrance criteria of the school and show considerable commitment to the school’s values in a range of areas.

All-Rounder Scholarship

Holders of the All-Rounder Scholarship will participate fully in the curricular and co-curricular life of Radnor House School and be role models for the wider school community.

Pupils currently attending the Radnor House Twickenham Junior School will be considered for an All-Rounder Scholarship in Year 6 before they enter Year 7. 

The All-Rounder Scholarship is worth 10% of the tuition fees and will be awarded to those candidates who demonstrate good all-round performance and potential in the entrance assessments, plus two other areas (taken from Art, Drama, Music and Sport).  

It is not necessary to apply for these awards as they will be awarded based on the entrance assessment and at interview together with information from your references. Scholarships will be reassessed annually, and their continuance is subject to the successful candidate exhibiting satisfactory commitment and attitude towards their own progress.

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