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Drama Scholarship at Radnor House

Drama Scholarships will be awarded at Year 7 and Sixth Form to those pupils who meet the normal entrance criteria of the school and also show an outstanding ability in Drama.

Holders of a Drama Scholarship will participate fully in curricular and co-curricular Drama making a considerable commitment to the Faculty and show additional dedication to Drama through their co-curricular interests.   It is expected that successful Drama Scholars at Year 9 entry will take Drama at GCSE.

Scholars are expected to take part in whole-school drama productions each year, including in the Sixth Form.  It is important to emphasise that Drama Scholars may show particular promise as either a performer, director, technician or stage manager.  Holders of a Drama scholarship will be reliable, hardworking and committed students to the craft of acting and drama, plus display a high level of technical skill.

Applicants should have an interest and aptitude in Drama. Although not a prerequisite, it is advantageous for applicants to be progressing in, or have completed recognised graded examinations in Speech and Drama through LAMDA, Trinity, Guildhall or the English Speaking Board, amongst others.

As a guide we would normally expect the following, although applicants should not feel dissuaded from applying if these benchmarks have not yet been achieved:

Sixth Form - Sixth Form Drama Scholars (both internal and external) are likely to have already achieved a Grade 6 or above in Speech & Drama, be regular theatre visitors, and demonstrate a passion for theatre. They will possess a significant track record of contribution to productions both within and outside of school;

Year 7 - Accurately assessing those entering the Senior School at Year 7 can be more challenging to gauge but often successful candidates will have an experience of productions within or outside of their existing school & be able to discuss their passion and interest for Drama at length. 

Scholarships will be reassessed annually, and their continuance is subject to the successful candidate exhibiting satisfactory commitment and attitude towards their own progress.

The application process is as follows:

Following the submission of the registration form for entry, candidates wishing to apply for a Drama Scholarship should complete a Drama Scholarship Application Form (download below).

Following a successful performance in the normal entrance tests, potential drama scholars will be invited to attend an assessment consisting of the following: 

  1. Perform an audition of a monologue of their choice lasting 2 to 3 minutes.  Monologues should be carefully selected to show a range of acting skills.
  2. Following the audition, potential drama scholars will be asked to work together to devise a brief performance from a given stimulus.
  3. Finally, all potential Drama scholars will be invited to an informal interview with the Head of Drama to talk through their experiences and motivations.  Candidates are very welcome to bring a scrapbook or portfolio of their work to talk through at this stage.

Applications submitted without supporting evidence received by the deadline stated will not be processed.

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