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Sports Scholarship at Radnor House

Sports Scholarships will be awarded at Year 7 and Sixth Form to those pupils who meet the normal entrance criteria of the school and also show an outstanding ability in Sport.

Holders of a Sports Scholarship will make a considerable commitment to the Faculty and show additional dedication to Sport through their co-curricular interests.  It is expected that Sports Scholars will represent the school in a range of sports throughout their time at Radnor House Sevenoaks.

Sports Scholars are expected to be leaders in their main sport and a signification contributor in all other sports.  They should embrace the school’s values in all that they do and ensure that competition and excellence are shown in their passion for sport.  All Sports Scholars are expected to attend school fixtures if selected and attend all training sessions for at least their main sport each term.

Scholarships will be reassessed annually, and their continuance is subject to the successful candidate exhibiting satisfactory commitment and attitude towards their own progress.

The application process is as follows:

After the submission of a registration form for entry, candidates wishing to apply for a Sports Scholarship should complete a Sports Scholarship Application Form (download below).

Following a successful performance in the normal entrance tests, potential scholars will be invited to attend an assessment consisting of the following based around their chosen sport: 

The assessments will also include tests of speed, cardiovascular endurance, agility and power.  There will also be assessments on the candidates “coachability”.

Finally, all potential Sports scholars will be invited to an informal interview with the Director of Sport to talk through their application form.  Candidates are very welcome to bring a scrapbook or portfolio of their work to talk through at this stage.

Sports Scholars will typically possess several of the following

A proven track record in one of the following sports: (Note – other sports may be considered at the discretion of the Head.)

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • A strong A-team player in their previous school or club
  • Pupils are likely to have regional or national experience in one or more of the sports outlined above
  • Physical and mental qualities which make them stand out from the crowd, including:
  • Mental strength to persevere
  • Physical ability to achieve highly on the sports field
  • Outstanding co-ordination
  • Have a track record of working with and listening to coaches
  • Goal-oriented
  • Leaders with excellent communication skills

The Director of Sport is happy to discuss scholarship applications and answer any questions at any time.

Applications submitted without supporting evidence received by the deadline stated will not be processed.

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