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Senior School

The Senior School is the largest section of the school and comprises Year 7 to Year 11.
Through excellent Pastoral Care, clear guidance and a true focus on the individual, pupils in the Senior School are fully supported in achieving their potential, both academically and personally. 

Teaching staff at Radnor House are passionate about their subjects and will seek to imbue their love of learning and inquisitiveness to their students. We have the highest standards of teaching and learning through self-reflection, objective evaluation, and research-based practice.

Year 7 - The start of your Radnor House Senior School Journey

The transition from Junior school into Senior school is an exciting time and one that requires support and guidance. Year 7 is an important year in the life of your child and the pastoral support and guidance provided in these years will set them up for the rest of their school journey.

Year 7 pupils are instantly made to feel at home in their new school and comfortable as they adjust to secondary school life. We aim to build on pupils' existing skills, helping them to achieve their full potential. Joining Radnor House in Year 7 will present your child with endless opportunities for success both in and outside the classroom.

Celebration of success is a focus every week in Year 7 and throughout the School, with weekly assemblies to highlight outstanding achievements and to reflect on the outside world. Pupils are encouraged to demonstrate the Radnor House core values of courage, excellence, respect and perseverance and strive to better themselves in everything they do. The care that is offered from the Form Tutor will help your child make better choices in their learning and to grow as independent learners. The typical Year 7 pupil is enthusiastic about academic and co-curricular life and creative in the ways they approach learning and lessons. They are polite and honest and are proud of their school and identity

Senior School Life

At the centre of the excellent support each pupil receives is the Form Tutor. The Form Tutor is very much the ‘parent at school’, monitoring all aspects of a pupil’s progress and is the first point of contact for both the pupil and parent.

Each year group has a Head of Year who oversees the daily achievements of each cohort and from Year 9 they follow the year group throughout the Senior School, allowing for continuity and the ability to provide the personalised support so vital to success during these years. The Deputy Head Pastoral has oversight of each Pupil's whole journey, ensuring that the needs of all pupils are met as they travel through this exciting time in their lives. This network of support is key to enabling every pupil to be celebrated.

During these years, pupils have a number of vital choices to make. Alongside the daily support and advice given by Form Tutors and delivered through the tailor-made PSHEE Education curriculum, pupils also receive one to one options and careers advice allowing them to make informed decisions about the future and to be confident in approaching the next phase of their educational journey.

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