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Careers education is provided for pupils at every level of the Senior School.

In Years 7 & 8 students begin developing an understanding of the world of work and consider different career areas. They also look at personal finance including saving, spending, budgeting and risks and consequences in making financial decisions.

During Year 9 students begin to consider their future options. This particularly focuses on their choice of GCSEs and possible career paths. Students use an online guidance tool to learn about different types of employment and to understand how their strengths, attributes and interests might link to different career pathways. 

Year 9 pupils are given the opportunity to start their own business. Groups of pupils are given a small budget by the school, they develop their ideas, ensure it is costed and marketed appropriately and then sold. Throughout this year and into Y10, pupils learn about entrepreneurialism as well as gain a greater awareness of different career areas.

In Year 10, lessons focus on the skills needed to succeed in employment. Students begin crafting CVs and are taught vital presentation and networking skills. Pupils have a chance to put these skills into action at the annual Networking Event which gives pupils in Years 10-13 an opportunity to meet with and learn from established professionals and hopefully make some contacts for the future. 

Year 11 sees pupils undertake careers profile testing using the COA Preview Test. This online questionnaire matches up interests and strengths with potential career areas, some of which the pupil may not have been previously aware. The test also cross-references potential career areas with A Level subject choices; a very valuable tool ahead of entering the Sixth Form.

As a school, we recognise that employers today are looking not only for academic results but also evidence of other skills such as critical thinking, oracy, leadership and teamwork. We offer a wide range of curricular and enrichment sessions which help pupils hone these in-demand skills.

  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards: Pupils begin with the Bronze Award in Year 9 and then progress through Silver and Gold in the following years.
  • School Debating Club & Public Speaking Competitions
  • Academic Enrichment Programme: A series of university-style lectures and tutorials focusing on the theory of knowledge, current affairs and discursive skills.
  • 10 to Sixth Day - Experience Sixth Form Life
  • An extensive programme of beyond the classroom visits to a variety of institutions
  • Work Experience Programme (Year 11)
  • An unrivalled co-curricular programme for all students

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