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Day to Day

The Sixth Form is a wholly unique time in your schooling and with it come some unique practices. Whilst the information contained herewith is not exhaustive, it is designed to provide a rough guide to the distinctive features of the Sixth Form at Radnor House.


In addition to receiving Merits, to recognise the extra level of work that you will be producing at A Level, truly exceptional pieces of work will be Commended for viewing by the Board of Directors.


In the Sixth Form you are expected to dedicate five hours of study per week to each of your subjects outside of your lessons. 

Homework is an essential part of the learning process.  It helps to make sure that you have understood what has been taught to you in lessons and consolidates your learning. At A Level study you are chiefly responsible for monitoring your workload out of lessons. Your Tutor will be kept informed if you do not complete set tasks. If the problem persists, your parents will be informed and further measures may be taken.

All homework MUST be recorded in your Sixth Form Diary.

Signing Out Privileges

Throughout your time in the Sixth Form you will be able to sign out from school at clearly specified times. You are entrusted with the responsibility to behave in a sensible manner and be back in school in time for your next commitment. It is imperative that you sign out at Reception if you leave the building and that you sign yourself back in when you return.

Study Periods

Students in the Sixth Form at Radnor House typically have five hours of study periods per week in L6, normally rising to ten hours in U6. Study Periods are an important part of the Academic Week in the Sixth Form. These are an opportunity to reinforce the work completed in class or at home and should not be treated as a ‘free period’. The Private Sixth Form Study Area is designated for just that, private study. You may also use the Library for private study or the Common Room to complete your work or research in a less formal setting. Similarly, the Riverside Terrace Café is available to you throughout the day.

Uniform and Appearance

As a Radnor House Sixth Former your dress code is ‘business attire’. You are an ambassador for Radnor House and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the high standards to which we all aspire. Gentlemen are expected to wear suits whilst ladies should wear sensible trousers or skirt with a smart top and jacket.

As you will not be wearing a specific uniform, you will be required to wear the designated Sixth Form lanyard at all times. A £5 deposit will be collected from you on the first day of the school year and returned to you when you leave Radnor House.

If your appearance is not considered to observe the dress code, in the first instance you will be spoken to by the Director of Sixth Form. If you do not subsequently make suitable modifications to your attire, you may be asked to return home to change.

University Open Days

Going to visit prospective Universities is an important part of your decision making for the future. Many Universities hold their Open Days during the week. Should you wish to attend an Open Day that falls during term time, please submit a written application to the Director of Sixth Form with at least one week’s notice.

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