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Careers Information

Radnor House is proud to deliver a comprehensive and valuable Careers Programme, allowing our young people to access expert advice and a broad range of opportunities.

Throughout the Lower School, pupils are introduced to some of the jobs to be found in the local area of which they may not have been aware.

Upon joining the Middle School, in Year 9 pupils are given the opportunity to start their own business. Groups of pupils are given a small budget by the school, they develop their ideas, ensure it is costed and marketed appropriately and then sold. Throughout this year and into Y10, pupils learn about entrepreneurialism as well as gain a greater awareness of different career areas.

Year 11 sees pupils undertake careers profile testing using the COA Preview Test. This online questionnaire matches up interests and strengths with potential career areas, some of which the pupil may not have been previously aware. The test also cross-references potential career areas with A Level subject choices; a very valuable tool ahead of entering the Sixth Form. The Careers programme builds up to our annual Networking Evening where we invite between 30-40 professionals from different employment fields to meet our Year 11 pupils in a relaxed and informal setting. Prior to the evening, we circulate biographies of each professional for pupils to read and they are encouraged to introduce themselves, ask good questions and hopefully make a contact for the future.  It is encouraged that each pupil arranges a Professional Experience Day in a specific place of work that is of genuine interest to them.

The Sixth Form also attend the Networking Evening and are encouraged to think more deeply about potential career areas through the Reflections lecture series.

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