The academic music lessons at Radnor House runs closely alongside the co-curricular life of the music department at Radnor House. As a part of this all students are encouraged to develop their musical skills through individual instrumental tuition available during the school week.

Academic music lessons are a core part of the curriculum up to Year 9. All pupils will have academic lessons on a weekly basis. 

Students who opt to take individual instrumental lessons are prepared for ABRSM examinations which take place each term allowing students to progress through their grades at their individual pace.

The music department at Radnor House also offers a wide range of ensembles and choirs for both prep and senior students through the school week, these include wind band, rock band, close harmony singing, senior and prep choir, African drumming, chamber music and a wider opportunities string group.

Each of these groups is co-ordinated by professional musicians who bring a wealth of knowledge about performance practices to the students.

Every child at Radnor House who sings or plays a musical instrument has the opportunity to perform in the Music Soirees which take place each half term. These are designed not only to allow students who take ABRSM exams or who are taking a GCSE or A Level music to perform pieces both in preparation and celebration of successes.