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Aims & Ethos

At Radnor House:
  • Our core values are courage, excellence, perseverance and respect, and everything we do as a school is driven by these values.
  • We believe in working hard and being kind.
  • We value being part of the Dukes Education Group and support their motto that ‘Together We’re Extraordinary’.  



  • Our vision is for Radnor House to be an independent school that is fully co-educational for children from 9-18, where every child is individually known, valued and exceptionally well educated in a genuinely caring, nurturing environment.

  • Our pupils will achieve academic success within a secure and happy environment, where teachers promote the highest standards of learning as critically self-reflective individuals who constantly seek to improve professional practice, and where our support staff create, maintain and deliver the professional structures and environments for pupils to achieve their best.

  • Our pupils will be inspired and challenged through wide-ranging co-curricular opportunities, and supported by outstanding pastoral care to help them develop into fulfilled and successful young adults with high self-esteem.

  • Our partnership with parents will provide the best possible opportunities for the pupils, and the school will seek to develop its awareness of, and contribution to, the local and broader community.

  • Radnor House will seek to be a community of learners who contribute to the wider field of education.

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