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Inspection Reports

Radnor House Twickenham is delighted and very proud to share the findings of the full ISI inspection carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate at the end of April and beginning of May 2024. The full report is available to view below.

In our previous full inspection, in February 2020, the school was judged as ‘Excellent’ across all areas, both in terms of pupils’ academic and other achievements, and pupils’ personal development.

Under the new inspection framework, which was introduced in September 2023, there are no longer any of the single word judgements. It is therefore not quite the same to know that instead of being judged as excellent again, we are now judged to meet all the required standards. We are nevertheless very pleased with the latest report, which we believe captures the spirit and identity of the school.

In particular, the inspectors were impressed with the way our core values of Courage, Excellence, Perseverance and Respect permeate everything that happens at the school, from framing the overall vision to its day-to-day operations. When we say we offer a values-based education, we now have the objective feedback from the inspectorate to justify such a view.

Radnor House ISI Inspection Report may 2024


The school was also inspected in March 2017 (Regulatory Compliance), February 2020 (Full Inspection) and September 2022 (Material Change).

You can read all these reports by following the links below.

Radnor House ISI Inspection Report February 2020

Radnor House ISI Material Change Inspection Report September 2022

Radnor House ISI Inspection Report march 2017

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