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Inspection Reports

Radnor House Twickenham is delighted and very proud to share the findings of the full ISI inspection carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in February 2020. The full report is available to view below.

The school was judged as ‘Excellent’ across all areas, both in terms of pupils’ academic and other achievements, and pupils’ personal development. Such a positive outcome to the inspection process is a testament to the hard work of everyone connected to the school and a huge validation of the quality of the education we provide. For a school that has existed for less than ten years to be awarded such an accolade is an exceptional achievement and one of which the whole school community can feel justifiably proud.

Amongst the host of positive comments that the inspectors used to justify the conclusion to their findings, these are just a few of the highlights:

"The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements, and the quality of their personal development, is excellent."

"Pupils’ attitudes to learning are outstanding and they are highly productive in individual, group and whole class activities, within an inclusive and supportive environment."

"The behaviour of pupils, both in lessons and in social situations, is exemplary."

"Pupils show high levels of self-understanding for their age because of the school’s emphasis on reflecting on their work, progress and behaviour."

"Pupils respond positively to the energy, enthusiasm and care with which the curriculum and lessons are both planned and delivered."

"Pupils engage enthusiastically with opportunities to assess their progress and set goals for the future, an approach facilitated by the synergy between strong academic and pastoral support systems which encourage reflection and goal setting."

Radnor House ISI Inspection Report February 2020

The school was also inspected in March 2017 and in September 2022, the former being what is called a Regulatory Compliance Inspection and the latter a Material Change Inspection.

You can read these reports by following the links below.

Radnor House ISI Material Change Inspection Report September 2022

Radnor House ISI Inspection Report February 2017

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