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Charitable Support

Radnor House is supportive of a myriad of charities and volunteer organisations and aims to introduce children to the benefits of charitable giving, both of time and money from an early age

In addition to various community focused days throughout the year, all members of the school community work hard to raise significant sums for a variety of charitable causes at international, national and local levels:

  • International - The School Council meets regularly to review the long-term relationship the school has with its existing international partner and decides annually whether to continue supporting the charity for a further academic year.
  • National or Local - The School Council meets at the start of the new academic year to decide on a number of charities which the school might like to support for the next twelve months. Radnor House then holds an exceptional whole-school assembly where various student speakers make the case for their particular charity. All children attending the assembly then vote and decisions are made shortly thereafter.

Make a Difference Day (MaDD) - Radnor House holds an annual community involvement event, during which all pupils and staff spend a full day working in a local charity, school or voluntary organisation, around 30 local charities are supported during this day.

The 2018/19 charities have been selected and are as follows:

International Charity:

Two Local Charities

The collection and distribution of funds is overseen by the FoRH Committee and money split equally between the three nominated charities as outlined above.

In addition, the school holds a special charities assembly each October and invites representatives from the various charities to explain how the money will be used and what their challenges are for the future.

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