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School fees are invoiced on a termly basis. Invoices are sent out four weeks in advance of the new term and are payable by direct debit on the date specified on the invoice.

The school fees from 1st September 2024 to August 2025 are as follows:

Years 7 and 8 £8,145 per term

Years 9 to 13 £8,490 per term

The bistro fees include breakfast, lunch and mid-morning fruit and are charged at £395 per term.

For all new pupils joining the school, the first term’s fees are payable in advance on 1st July prior to starting in September. For any Sixth Form applicant who does not achieve the required GCSE grades and is unable to take up the place, the advance payment of fees will be refunded in full.

Where fees are not received by the due date, simple interest may be charged on a day-to-day basis on fees which are unpaid. The rate of interest charged will be at up to 2% per month, accruing daily, which represents a genuine pre-estimate of the cost to the school of a default. Parents will also be liable to pay all costs, fees and charges, including legal fees and any costs reasonably incurred by the school in the recovery of any unpaid fees, regardless of the value of the school's claim.



Notice Period

A full term's notice must be received in writing by the Principal to avoid the liability of the next term’s fee payment.

Admissions Fees

A registration fee of £150 is required to confirm an application to Radnor House. This fee is non-refundable should you wish to withdraw the application at any stage.

Deposit Payment

To accept the offer of a place, a deposit of £3,000 must be paid before the deadline outlined in the offer letter to confirm the place. The balance of the deposit is refunded once the pupil leaves school and the costs of any unreturned/damaged school possessions have been deducted. If the place is not taken up after the deposit is paid, the deposit is non-refundable.

Fee Payments

All term fees are payable by Direct Debit.

Terms and Conditions

Parents are strongly recommended to read the school’s Terms and Conditions carefully before accepting the offer of a place.

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