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Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

The school participates actively in the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (PJEA) scheme, which is a flagship programme of the Peter Jones Foundation. The PJEA aims to provide young people with the enterprise skills and experiences they need to better prepare them for successful employment or self-employment, which we do at school through encouraging, educating and empowering our pupils via real world business enterprise activities.

We aim to create an Enterprise Pathway that fosters a more enterprising culture and guides pupils on an entrepreneurial journey from the age of 11 through to post-18. The skills we focus on are:

· Communication

· Creativity & Innovation

· Digital Skills

· Financial Skills

· Leadership

· Problem-Solving

· Self-Management & Resilience

· Teamwork

We encourage our pupils to become the most enterprising version of themselves through a varied portfolio of opportunities. The ‘Tycoon Enterprise Competition’ is a unique national competition where every participating team writes a business plan, is lent money via a good will loan, starts a business and trades nationally through a kick-starter style platform in a safe and controlled environment. The Peter Jones Foundation provides the start-up capital, and only when the companies break even do they repay their loan.

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