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  • 15 April
    Apr 15 2021 8:56:28 PM

    Finally back out on the water again with the seniors and it feels really good

  • 15 April
    Apr 15 2021 8:56:24 PM

    We are back in the ‍♀ boats and on the water at last! Lovely to have our rowers together rowing past our lovely school. . . #rowing #britishrowing #twickenham

  • 13 April
    Apr 13 2021 10:15:03 PM

    We are super excited to be playing cricket again with our pupils at the fabulous Teddington Cricket Club - the Home of Radnor House sport! What a great start to the summer term. #Cricket #schoolsport @TeddingtonCC

  • 08 April
    Apr 8 2021 10:28:26 PM

    Can't wait to see you all again tomorrow for our preseason cricket training!

  • 08 April
    Apr 8 2021 7:57:05 PM

    Fabulous to train on the ergos at school whilst looking at that gorgeous river view! #rowing #riverview

  • 05 April
    Apr 5 2021 12:07:25 PM

    We are so excited for our cricket season - sign up & come along to our fabulous sports grounds @TeddingtonCC for preseason training this week. #Cricket

  • 04 April
    Apr 4 2021 12:36:27 PM

    Wishing you all a very happy Easter we hope the Easter Bunny visited! Enjoy the sunshine today! #eastereggs #easterbunny #sunnysunday

  • 27 March
    Mar 27 2021 6:39:12 PM

    Wow well done Philip in Year 7 who won the performing arts competition for piano in the Lower School! So much talent on show - we were very impressed with all our entrants this year. #performingarts #pianist

  • 10 March
    Mar 10 2021 7:47:43 AM

    Radnor House Performing Arts Competition! reminder to keep sending in your submissions! We love seeing all your talented performances. #talent #performingarts

  • 10 March
    Mar 10 2021 7:46:25 AM

    We are back! We are so delighted to welcome all our pupils and staff back to school this week. Fantastic to hear sounds of happy children enjoying the fresh air and eating lunch al fresco in our Riverside Bistro! #riverside #freshair #backtoschool

  • 15 April
    Apr 15 2021 8:29:03 PM

    The best day ever! We are back in the ��‍♀️ boats and on the water at last! How wonderful to have our rowers together rowing past our lovely school. . . #rowing #britishrowing #twickenham

  • 15 April
    Apr 15 2021 11:16:11 AM

    We are so lucky to have Mae in school with us today, who is our gorgeous PAT dog (Pets As Therapy). The pupils absolutely love her and you can see them here reading to her at lunch as a way to relax and unwind. Thank you @petsastherapyuk . . . #PetsAsTherapy #PATdogs #radnorjourney

  • 13 April
    Apr 13 2021 9:19:14 PM

    We are super excited to be playing cricket again with our pupils at the fabulous Teddington Cricket Club - the Home of Radnor House sport! Here are our Year 5,6 & 7 pupils today - what a great start to the summer term. ���� #Cricket #schoolsport @TeddingtonCC

  • 13 April
    Apr 13 2021 7:57:12 PM

    Ramadan Mubarak! We would like to wish all our Muslim staff, pupils and their families luck with today's fasting and throughout Ramadan. We hope that this Holy Month of Ramadan will bring you health, happiness, peace and prosperity throughout the coming year. . . #blessedramadan #ramadan2021 #ramadankareem

  • 13 April
    Apr 13 2021 4:03:34 PM

    It's the start of the Summer Term! We are so happy to see all of our pupils back to school today. We hope you have signed up to our clubs and activities which start next week - we have over 100 different clubs to join and are excited to get started. . . . #backtoschool #radnorhouseschool #summerterm

  • 12 April
    Apr 12 2021 3:30:57 PM

    We are looking forward to seeing lots of smiling faces back in our classrooms tomorrow! We hope everyone has had a fun and relaxing Easter break, and see you tomorrow ready for a new term. . . . #radnorjourney #radnorhousetogether #backtoschool

  • 09 April
    Apr 9 2021 4:43:06 PM

    We are saddened to hear of the passing of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip's remarkable service along with his patronage of The Duke of Edinburgh Award helps inspire our pupils and young people across the world. Our thoughts are with Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family. Credit: The Royal Family

  • 09 April
    Apr 9 2021 8:57:37 AM

    Wonderful to see our pupils enjoying preseason �� cricket training at our fabulous sports grounds at Teddington Cricket Club! Looking forward to seeing lots of you again today. . . #cricket

  • 08 April
    Apr 8 2021 7:00:54 PM

    Tomorrow is ergo day on our Easter rowing training plan. How fabulous to train whilst enjoying our fabulous river view! . . #rowing #rowingmachine

  • 07 April
    Apr 7 2021 2:49:38 PM

    We are proud to announce our return to pre-season sport, starting with two days of cricket tomorrow and Friday at the wonderful Teddington Cricket Club. Don't forget to sign up via the link on the most recent Weekly Bulletin - open to all pupils! #radnorsport #cricket #radnorhouseschool

  • 10 Nov
    Nov 10 2020 12:00:00 AM

    Our lucky Junior School pupils enjoyed a virtual author visit from Emma Beswetherick, author of the Playdate Adventure series.

  • 11 May
    May 11 2020 12:26:18 PM

    Year 5 enjoyed the opportunity to immerse themselves in some fabulous virtual creative writing workshops with Emma Beswetherick,  author of the Wishing Star series of books. Emma has adapted the original workshop that had been scheduled in school for a series of 'virtual' live workshops...

  • 06 Apr
    Apr 6 2020 12:00:00 AM

    We are delighted and very proud of the outcome of our latest school inspection. Rated 'Excellent' across all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in February 2020. The full report is available to view below.

  • 20 Mar
    Mar 20 2020 7:25:04 PM

    Today was the last day of learning in school for the majority of our pupils for a significant time period of time, as instructed by the government. We will remain open next week for children of Key Workers as previously communicated.

  • 25 Mar
    Mar 25 2021 5:52:22 PM

    I took so long last week explaining how I came to own a copy of Origins that I ran out of time to share as much of it as I had intended.  As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, particularly the more anthropological aspects about how the environment of the planet shaped...

  • 19 Mar
    Mar 19 2021 10:32:55 AM

    [Photo: St Andrews - Patrick Dieudonne / Robert Harding World Imagery / Universal Images Group] Apparently, it is not easy to buy presents for me.  When asked what I want for my birthday or at Christmas, I usually struggle to come up with anything creative by way of helping my family...

  • 12 Mar
    Mar 12 2021 10:55:48 AM

    [Photo: Marina Tsvetaeva, Russian poet] As soon as I saw those three splendid words splashed across the front pages of several of the tabloid newspapers this week, I knew I had to use them as the title for this week’s blog.  Frustratingly, I wrote something at the w...

  • 05 Mar
    Mar 5 2021 12:58:05 PM

    It is usually relatively easy for me to remember conversations I have had with people and what I have told them.  This is not because I have some particular gifts of memory or insight, but more likely because I only have a finite resource of material on which to draw...

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