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  • 26 May
    May 26 2023 11:51:17 AM

    We are delighted with the achievement of our Eco-Club members, who under the guidance and inspiration of Radnor parent Sally Cornelius and Clare Marshall, our Head of Geography – have been awarded a Distinction in the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

  • 05 May
    May 5 2023 5:18:52 PM

    No Mow May! This week our Eco Club have been discussing the benefits of 'No Mow May' and why it is important to support the growth of wild flowers which provide the food for our pollinators! Here are some more details about the campaign from 'Plantlife'.

  • 21 Apr
    Apr 21 2023 5:12:41 PM

    This year Earth Day falls on Saturday 22nd April. Please get involved and help to save and protect our planet! Here are some ideas and resources to help you:

  • 31 Mar
    Mar 31 2023 3:32:17 PM

    Our Eco Club were delighted to receive so many entries for the Radnor House Eco Code this term! Read on to find out who the winners are:

  • 25 May
    May 25 2023 3:06:48 PM

    My daughter’s course at university was a joint honours degree in English and Comparative Literature.  I say ‘was’ rather than ‘is’ because she submitted her final pieces of work a couple of weeks ago.  Even though it feels like she only started yesterday, the...

  • 17 May
    May 17 2023 5:29:30 PM

    A few months ago, I wrote about a book called ‘Together: 10 Choices for a Better Now’ by the Turkish journalist Ece Temelkuran, which I want to revisit one last time this week to highlight some of the other thought-provoking ideas that featured in her writing.  If we want to encoura...

  • 12 May
    May 12 2023 11:42:36 AM

    I mentioned to one of our pupils a couple of weeks ago that I had noticed he is often at the front of the queue when I open the school gate in the morning and he is often one of the first to leave the building at the end of the day.  I asked him if he had ever heard of the term ‘FIFO...

  • 04 May
    May 4 2023 12:40:45 PM

    Looking back at what I wrote last year about our trip to the Battlefields of the First World War, I was a bit surprised to find that I managed to churn out three separate blogs about what happened.  I know I have the capacity to go on a bit (well, quite a lot, to be honest), but to end up with...

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