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  • 27 January
    Jan 27 2023 1:00:13 PM

    Who likes Sushi??? Flashback Friday to last term, when we had a Sushi Taster Event! We hope this will be a regular feature on our school menu! @dukes_education #schoolfood #sushi #sushilovers #schoollife #beyondtheclassroom #FlashbackFriday #fbf

  • 25 January
    Jan 25 2023 5:00:38 PM

    Great to have the Year 7 A-C Netball Teams all playing on Tuesday ! Thank you to @wlfs_secondary for coming over for an afternoon of some super games. Well done to our pupils Olivia Lilly Shreya #TerrificTuesday #RadnorNetball #TheFutureIsBright

  • 12 January
    Jan 12 2023 5:30:12 PM

    We are pleased to launch the @PJFoundation for Enterprise at Radnor House. The partnership will form one of the building blocks for life skills at our new @KnellerHallSch and help develop 'Dynamic Entrepreneurs'. For more information, visit -

  • 06 January
    Jan 6 2023 12:00:28 PM

    It's not "Rocket Science" today is FRIDAY! Flashing back to our wonderful Year 6 pupils who put on an explosively creative display in Radnor Gardens last term. How cool! @DukesEducation #beyondtheclassroom #flashbackfriday #rockets #schoollife

  • 20 December
    Dec 20 2022 7:20:13 PM

    Only five more days to go!

  • 07 December
    Dec 7 2022 5:30:17 PM

    Our Eco-club would like to share their top tips for a more environmentally friendly Christmas, following their environmental review of the school this term. Swipe left to see how you could incorporate these tips over Christmas! @DukesEducation #ecoclub #greenschool #ecofriendly

  • 03 December
    Dec 3 2022 12:00:58 PM

    Talk about Olympic sighting? Last week, the U13 Hockey team met the London 2012 bronze medalist hockey player Chloe Rogers at the ISA Hockey Tournament and were very excited to hold her Olympic medal! #hockey #girlsinsports #beyondtheclassroom @DukesEducation

  • 01 December
    Dec 1 2022 3:01:34 PM

    Last week for Maths Week England, Y7 pupils made Columbus Cubes: carefully structured origami cubes that stack with no glue or tape. Lots of perseverance & teamwork showed, which we love to see at Radnor House #beyondtheclassroom #MathsWeek2022 #creativity #radnorhousetw #TB

  • 30 November
    Nov 30 2022 3:00:36 PM

    Early today, we got into the Christmas spirit in Arts & Crafts Club as some of our pupils created some Christmas snow baubles. How creative! @DukesEducation #artsandcrafts #christmasdecor #beyondtheclassroom #snowbaubles

  • 23 November
    Nov 23 2022 5:00:23 PM

    Congratulations to our Year 10 pupils who brought home the U16 ISA 7s Trophy at Colchester Rugby Club last week, beating Quinton House 34-19 in the final. A great result and performance from all the boys, especially their fantastic assistant coach Jack. @DukesEducation

  • 12 Jan
    Jan 12 2023 11:44:34 AM

    Introducing the launch of the Radnor House Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

  • 28 Sep
    Sep 28 2022 3:23:07 PM

    We have been awarded the Silver Award for the School Mental Health Award from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, Leeds Beckett University in association with Minds Ahead.

  • 09 Sep
    Sep 9 2022 12:06:15 PM

    It is with deep sadness that we learn of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.  The Radnor House community joins the nation in offering our sincere condolences to the Royal Family at this very sad time. Her loss will be deeply felt across the country, and the rest of the world.

  • 23 Sep
    Sep 23 2021 12:00:00 AM

    Today our Year 5 Pupils stepped out of Radnor House and into Roman Britain

  • 27 Jan
    Jan 27 2023 10:49:40 AM

    The short answer to the title of this blog would be, ‘Lots, because that’s what happens in life’, but this week’s offering is not meant as an exercise in too much deep reflection.  Rather, it was the title I used for my latest cycle of assemblies this week, sharing with...

  • 20 Jan
    Jan 20 2023 11:37:57 AM

    One of the best books I have read recently is called ‘Head, Hand, Heart’ by David Goodhart.  If ever there was a timely analysis of what has gone wrong in this country in the last seventy years and why we find ourselves in such a mess, this book delivers.  Whether anything will...

  • 11 Jan
    Jan 11 2023 3:56:07 PM

    I was looking through my various folders of notes to try to bring something different to the end of term assemblies before Christmas when I came across a list that I could not remember using before.  The upside of being the Head of two different schools is that you can recycle material you used...

  • 05 Jan
    Jan 5 2023 4:32:38 PM

    In the weekly bulletin that went out on the final day of last term, I highlighted something that I had read in Tim Harford’s ‘The Next Fifty Things That Made the Modern Economy’, which is in effect the things from number fifty-one to one hundred that helped to develop the world as...

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