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Pupils and parents gush about the teachers across the board – ‘brilliant’, ‘sensitive’, ‘beyond fantastic’ – nobody had a bad word to say. One, bowled over by her daughter’s improvement in maths, told us, ‘she has gone from saying “I can’t do it” to “I can’t do it yet”.

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  • 17 November
    Nov 17 2023 1:56:04 PM

    GCSE Performing Arts pupils visited the Emerald City yesterday evening to see the award winning musical, Wicked! This was a wonderful opportunity to see the GCSE Music set work song 'Defying Gravity' in context. A spectacular treat for the end to the week! #Wicked #PerformingArts

  • 17 November
    Nov 17 2023 8:36:32 AM

    Reminder! This weekend is the Year 7 2024 Assessment Days, on 18th November and 19th November. We are looking forward to welcoming your child to the school and hope that they find it a positive experience. Please get in touch with our admissions team with any queries #Radnor

  • 16 November
    Nov 16 2023 1:36:45 PM

    This week our pupils went on their first Sociology trip to the Emmanuel Centre for a 'Sociology in Action' Study Day. The speakers included Ann Oakley, Simon Harding and Jason Arday. Topics surrounded gender inequality, racism and spiking crime rates in London. #Sociology

  • 15 November
    Nov 15 2023 11:56:20 AM

    Year 7 pupils embarked on a gothic adventure to Strawberry Hill House, enhancing their understanding of 'The Woman in Black' for their English lessons, delving into local history. There were four activity workshops and a spine-chilling tour of the house. #StrawberryHillHouse

  • 15 November
    Nov 15 2023 10:49:14 AM

    Amity in Year 8's entry for @maths_week competition 'Three is the Magic Number'! #ThreeIsTheMagicNumber #MathsWeekEngland #RadnorHouseSchool @maths_week

  • 14 November
    Nov 14 2023 5:11:07 PM

    Year 7 pupils were visited today by historical children's author, Catherine Randall, and received an insight into her research and writing process. The class spent the last half term reading historical fiction and writing reviews so enjoyed the opportunity to talk to an author.

  • 13 November
    Nov 13 2023 4:10:32 PM

    To start Anti-Bullying Week, we have taken part in Odd Socks Day! Pupils and staff came in wearing odd socks to raise awareness about bullying. It’s an opportunity to encourage people to celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique! #OddSockDay #AntiBullyingWeek

  • 10 November
    Nov 10 2023 2:40:14 PM

    We have been commemorating those impacted by war throughout history and in modern times. Mr Wideman led assemblies honoring those who have given their lives in times of war. Our Head Boy and Girl laid a wreath at the war memorial on behalf of the school community #RemembranceDay

  • 10 November
    Nov 10 2023 9:45:37 AM

    Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham, gave a talk to a packed room of pupils. We heard about life in the Commons, her career path as well as a Q&A session. We are sure that Munira's talk will inspire a lively debate between our pupils during UK Parliament Week! #AEP

  • 09 November
    Nov 9 2023 3:09:32 PM

    Arts and Crafts club have been making lanterns to celebrate Diwali! Traditionally, houses, shops and public places will be decorated with oil lamps, and families and communities will come together to enjoy fireworks and sweets! Wishing all those celebrating a Happy Diwali

  • 02 Nov
    Nov 2 2023 2:37:54 PM

    This year for Black History Month we celebrated Black British history, aiming to inspire our pupils to keep discovering more about Black British culture and history throughout the year.

  • 26 May
    May 26 2023 11:51:17 AM

    We are delighted with the achievement of our Eco-Club members, who under the guidance and inspiration of Radnor parent Sally Cornelius and Clare Marshall, our Head of Geography – have been awarded a Distinction in the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

  • 05 May
    May 5 2023 5:18:52 PM

    No Mow May! This week our Eco Club have been discussing the benefits of 'No Mow May' and why it is important to support the growth of wild flowers which provide the food for our pollinators! Here are some more details about the campaign from 'Plantlife'.

  • 21 Apr
    Apr 21 2023 5:12:41 PM

    This year Earth Day falls on Saturday 22nd April. Please get involved and help to save and protect our planet! Here are some ideas and resources to help you:

  • 01 Dec
    Dec 1 2023 12:29:45 PM

    It occurred to me recently that there might be some mileage in a new radio show called ‘Desert Island Reads’, where people are asked to name eight books that they would like to take with them when they are castaway on an island far from the delights of the modern world.  I have got...

  • 23 Nov
    Nov 23 2023 12:36:10 PM

    My first duty this week is to draw your attention to something genuinely shocking that is taking place before our very eyes, and yet often goes unseen.  You need to be aware of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO), which is a colourless, tasteless liquid found in acid rain, nuclear waste a...

  • 16 Nov
    Nov 16 2023 5:26:02 PM

    The writing of last week’s blog proved to be a satisfying experience in ticking a few more ideas off my list of unfinished business and moving towards a welcome point of closure.  For not dissimilar reasons, I have created a file on my computer called ‘Unused Material’, which...

  • 09 Nov
    Nov 9 2023 5:30:43 PM

    It occurred to me over the half-term break that I will need to be particularly organised with these blogs in the coming months to ensure I tell you everything I want to share with you before the time comes to move on – though I already know that this is a target I will miss.  I suppose I...

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