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The Radnor House Laureate, introduced in September 2023, is a new award that is designed to recognise those pupils who have gained the necessary enrichment credits during their education with us and who have achieved their targets, both inside and outside the classroom, within the Window of Opportunities.

Pupils in Years 7-9 will work towards a Bronze Laureate; those in Years 10 and 11 will work towards a Silver Laureate; and those in the Sixth Form will work towards a Gold Laureate.

Their achievements will be recorded electronically using a digital tool that we call a Meta-Mirror, which tracks what pupils have done and helps them to understand what they need to do next to ensure they are developing a variety of skills under the headings Thinking, Performing, Developing and Preparing.

Each level of the laureate programme will be awarded at Pass, Merit and Distinction to highlight those whose efforts deserve greater recognition.

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