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Upon entry to Radnor House, pupils are placed into one of four Houses named after literary figures with connections to Alexander Pope. Swift, Parnell, Pope and Voltaire

The House system offers our pupils the opportunity to thrive through competition in the Arts, sport and all round achievement. House allegiance and identity is encouraged and fostered throughout the school. Each House is led by a House Master or Mistress whose role it is to celebrate the uniqueness of every pupil and motivate them to do their very best personally, for their House and school as they compete for the annual House Shield.

Parnell House

Thomas Parnell was a poet and clergyman and was a close friend of Alexander Pope. Together with Pope and Jonathan Swift they formed the “Scriblerus” club and were profound literary figures of the day. Parnell was a creative and hardworking man who was dedicated to the arts and the development of the Romantic era.

Parnell House is led by pupils from all three sections of the school and sees Year 5 -13 working together to strive for excellence. House competitions and the chase for credits creates a positive and healthy competition between the four houses. Parnell House has a focused approach to living the four core values of the school. Courage, excellence, perseverance and respect sees Parnell House push and strive to win the House competition each year.

Pope House

As a house we strive for excellence; we understand, as Alexander Pope himself did; that to achieve excellence each and every one of us must play our part. Honour and success lie not in the part that you play but in how well you perform that role. Through respect, courage and perseverance we are able to achieve excellence but we understand that working together as a house we are able to achieve even more.

“Act well your part, there all honour lies.”
Alexander Pope


Swift House

Jonathan Swift, born in 1667 was an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, poet and cleric. He is best remembered for his work Gulliver’s Travels. He was awarded a Doctorate from Dublin University and visited England where he became friends with Alexander Pope, frequently staying at Pope’s house, the site now of Radnor House. Swift became politically active and was part of the inner circle of the Tory Government of the day. He died the year after Alexander Pope and is buried in his own Cathedral in Dublin.

‘Swift have the gift’



In Voltaire we take pride in working as a team, creating a family atmosphere and doing our best. Voltaire is a welcoming, friendly and supportive House with strong levels of support and care. Every ‘Voltling’ is made to feel part of a whole school family and take a sense of pride in doing their best.  Our House Mascots, Vicky and Victor the lions, represent our pride, tenacity and sense of community.

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