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The study of drama as a discrete subject not only offers students a wider understanding of theatrical form and genre, but it also enables them to prepare for the world as a whole.

Pupils develop confidence and the aural skills needed to ensure success in a variety of fields, as well as the team working skills and evaluation abilities required in most walks of life.

Drama at Radnor House strives to achieve a practical application of theoretical based content.  During their time at Radnor House pupils will study a variety of dramatic forms, from Ancient Greek theatre and the work of Sophocles through to Modern Day theatre and the work of Caryl Churchill and Physical Theatre through Frantic Assembly.

Pupils will be imbued with the skills to compare and contrast various forms (comparing Naturalism and Stanislavski to Surrealism and Absurdist Theatre).  Drama lets pupils explore in a more practical way the key themes of many other subjects, from staging Shakespeare’s texts through to examining the real life impact of being an evacuee during WWII. 

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