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Digital Strategy

Radnor House teachers use digital technology across the curriculum to enhance and extend learning. Technology in the classroom can provide more innovative teaching practices, enable faster and more directed feedback, encourage collaboration and teamwork, and provide easy access to learning materials both in and out of school.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning.

Our digital strategy sees us building on this approach by issuing our year 7 pupils with their own digital inking device from 2020. We see the use of these devices as a valuable addition to our pupils’ learning toolkit, providing access to technology that enables activities not possible in a non-digital classroom. The strategy’s aim is not to replace good classroom practice but rather to augment, complement and extend learning, creating digital-confident pupils with skills for the future.

Preparing pupils for further education and work

Technology is constantly evolving and continues to change or make many traditional jobs redundant. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates who have developed so-called ‘soft’ skills in communication, collaboration and problem-solving. The ability to work on a document at the same time provides a simple way for pupils to work collaboratively on group assignments, pupils learn from each other and engagement is increased. Understanding how to submit work online and communicate professionally online with teachers helps to prepare pupils for university and beyond.

Providing pupils with better access to resources

Pupils have 24/7 access on their phone and computer to GCSE and A Level class and homework resources. They have seamless access to online documents started at school and completed at home. Looking forward, our digital strategy is to move to online textbooks, which are then never left at home or school but available all the time.

Providing parents with the information they need to support their children 

To help Radnor House parents support their children, they are able to see what homework has been set and see the online resources for each subject.  They can access their child’s merits or late homeworks online along with the school calendar, sports team sheets and other key information.

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