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Eco-Schools is a simple, seven-step framework designed to place young people in control of environmental action in their school, local community and beyond.

When a school has worked through the Eco-Schools Seven Steps, they can apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag during the Summer Term. The Eco-Schools Green Flag tells the world that pupils at school care about our planet and are determined to protect it!

The Eco-Schools programme began in 1994 and there are schools in more than 70 countries participating. Last year, in England, nearly 1.5 million young people attended a school taking part in the Eco-Schools programme.

The ten topics we are looking at are:

· Biodiversity: Caring for all plants, animals, and insects.

· Energy: Reducing energy use and investing in greener energy sources.

· Global Citizenship: Making our planet more peaceful, sustainable, and fair.

· Healthy Living: Improving physical and mental well-being.

· Litter: Reducing litter, which harms wildlife and costs millions to clear every year.

· Marine: Protecting all rivers, canals, lakes, and oceans.

· School Grounds: Improving schools for students, staff, plants, and wildlife.

· Transport: Finding more environmentally friendly ways to travel.

· Waste: Refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing, and recycling.

· Water: Protecting our most important natural resource.

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